Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flying Lessons

Flying lessons? You're probably thinking thanks, but no, thanks, right? I haven't taken an aviation class before, but I know a few people who have and they love it! I actually wouldn't mind trying it one day.

If you're open to a taste of piloting a plane, you may want to look into Hollywood Aviators. I read about this school a few years ago, but don't personally know anyone who has taken classes there.
Hollywood Aviators offers an introductory 1/2 hour class at $99!
The class includes: Preflight briefing, half-hour flight (full-hour flight also available), FAA-certified flight instructor and post-flight debriefing. If you want to try the 1 hour class, it'll cost you $175. For more info, visit:

If you're really serious about flying, drop me a note and I'll find out where my friends took their classes.

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