Sunday, June 7, 2009

Movie Screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The initial thought of seeing a movie at a cemetery is probably not the least bit appealing to you. The first time I heard of this, I thought it was absolutely insane. I figured only goths would attend such an event, but I was definitely curious.

I packed a blanket and some food and headed for the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see an Alfred Hitchcock movie. To my surprise, hundreds of other people had beat me to the cemetery. There was a neverending line at the entrance to cemetery, which I could not believe! The most fascinating part was that everyone looked completely normal; there were couples, families, groups of friends. Unfortunately, for me, however, I had arrived too late and there was no chance I was getting in to see the movie.

I haven't returned since, but I definitely intend to, except next time I have to plan a little better. Perhaps arriving an hour or so beforehand would help. The screenings take place during the summer (and are in the evening). Be sure to arrive early and bring food and drinks (alcoholic beverages are permitted), blankets and pillows. You can park on the cemetery grounds for $5 or there is street parking in the neighborhood. Oh yeah, and there is a DJ spinning before and after the movie, how is that for "interesting"?

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