Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hiking in the L.A. area

I really enjoy hiking! I guess after spending most of the week in an office, who wouldn't want to be outdoors, right? For the most part, I frequent local parks for hiking: Runyon Canyon, Franklin Canyon, and Fryman Canyon/Wilacre Park.

Runyon Canyon is great, but you have to like dogs if you plan on hiking here. This park is not as lush as some of the other local options, but it is always busy and there are a few different trails to explore. Since there isn't a lot of shade, I like to go in the mornings when its cool. As far as parking is concerned, there are a few free spots if you enter through the Mulholland Dr. gate. Otherwise, look for street parking. If you enter the park through the gates at the bottom of the hill (near Franklin and Fuller), your only option is street parking.

Franklin Canyon is great. I feel like I've left the city when I visit this park...I guess it is because there are so many trees and even both a lake and a pond (with fish, frogs, turtles and ducks). You can enter Franklin Canyon Park through the entrance at the top of the hill (near Mulholland Dr and Coldwater Canyon) or through the entrance at the bottom of the hill (off Coldwater Canyon and Beverly...near the Beverly Hills Hotel). There are plenty of free parking options throughout the park. Beware: there are cameras at the STOP signs in the park, so be sure to make complete stops otherwise you'll receive a ticket in the mail.
Fryman Canyon (Laurel Canyon and Fryman) is more lush than Runyon Canyon, but not as lush as Franklin Canyon. It is a good option for a fairly easy hike. Parking is available on the lot for $3 or you can just park along Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Griffith Park is another great place to go on a hike, but I'm not as familiar with the trails there The views are spectacular! Every now and then, however, there are mountain lion spottings in the area, which needless to say, freaks me out! There is plenty of free parking throughout the park.

Beachwood Canyon is pretty cool, too, but I did have an encounter once with a coyote. Oh yeah, and every now and then you may have to share a trail with a horse (or two, or three). The stables are nearby, so horses are a common sure to watch your step! From the trails in Beachwood you get quite close to the Hollywood sign, which is pretty amazing. There are several parking spots near the entrance (Sunset Ranch) at the top.
Don't let my phobias of wildlife get to you, though, if you want to enjoy some time outdoors try a hike at one of these parks. There are plenty of people around and you don't have to worry about getting lost.

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