Sunday, September 20, 2009

Derby Dolls

I've never been to an L.A. Derby Doll event, but it is definitely on my things to do list this year. From what I understand, an event/game consists of two teams of 5 hardcore "no non-sense" ladies roller skating on an indoor track and basically roughing each other up in an effort to win the game!

If it sounds like its your type of event, be sure to check their website out:

The next event is scheduled for October 3rd and the season ends in early December, so don't miss out!


  1. There are 41 Roller Derby leagues in California. You can see the list on You can watch the regional tournaments broadcast LIVE on over the next few weekends and then *nationals* :)

    Every derby league is looking for new players, refs and non-skating officials. Contact your local league for more information.

    Hannah Grenade
    Angel City Derby Girls

  2. The one thing you have to see is that these girls skate on a banked track which makes the game more dynamic and disastrous! So much fun! You have to come to the next L.A. Derby Doll game Oct. 3rd at the Doll Factory.