Thursday, February 12, 2009

Murder Mystery Dinners

Several years ago, I participated in a murder mystery dinner in West L.A. I have to admit, it was cheesy, but definitely "different."

Recently, I came across a murder mystery dinner option, except that instead of taking place in a restaurant, this one takes place on a train in Fillmore (Yes, I know, you're probably wondering, where the hell is Fillmore? It is in Ventura County...about 50 miles from Los Angeles).

For approximately $89 per person, you get a 3 course meal and entertainment aboard a train. Interesting, huh? For more info, visit:

As you'll notice, this company does not just limit their product offering to murder mystery dinners, they offer everything from Margarita Madness Trains to North Pole Express Trains among others. Sounds like LOTS of fun...if you go with the right people!

SoCal Savings - If you're tired of going to the same dive bar for happy hour, I came across a website that you may be interested in checking out: Seems like Alex at UCLA did some research and I don't think we should let it go to waste. The site lists over 50 places in the Los Angeles area where you can get a cheap drink. Cheers! Salud! Kanpai! Proost! Cin cin!

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